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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Image Bonus 124

Here are some images from a catalogue I found at the flea market a few weeks ago.  It is the Charles William stores The Bargain Book from 1917.  They were a mail order catalogue based in New York City.  The catalogue is over 1100 pages.  It is in extremely poor shape and no longer bound.  Which is excellant for me.  It is much easier to scan.  I only hope that I can find a way to preserve it from deteriorating further. I also found another Charles William catalogue online here.  The link goes to a very interesting site called Shoe Icons with loads of vintage magazine pages scanned.  As always feel free to use any of the images on my website in your artwork but please do not post or sell the original image on the web in a group or collection. If you use one in a project and post it to your site please link it back to here or leave a comment in the comments section of the image on this site so we can all enjoy. I love to see what you create. That is what inspires me to post and collect more vintage items.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Cora, these gals are so pretty! Smiles, Sally

Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

Hi Cora,

What a fabulous find! Thank you for sharing these pages with us..I so love paper and now I'm playing with digital makes you want to do more and more...

Have a lovely day and do drop by sometime.♥

Stephanie ♥

Lynne said...

These are gorgeous - thanks!