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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Image Bonus 150

 A few more Thanksgiving postcards from the early 1900's.  How do you make a turkey look cute?

 As always feel free to use any of the images on my website in your artwork but please do not post or sell the original image on the web in a group or collection or alone. If you use one in a project and post it to your site please link it back to here or leave a comment in the comments section of the image on this site so we can all enjoy. I love to see what you create. Please be sure to leave a comment if you stop by. It inspires me to post more.


Karen Lee said...

Thanks so much for sharing your Thanksgiving images.

xoxo Karen Lee

Nyoka said...

Cora! Great postcards!! My idea of making a turkey look cute would be to put him, nicely roasted to a golden brown, on a table surrounded by family and friends!!! LOL..
Thanks so much for your generosity!!
God bless!

peggy gatto said...

they are charming!!!

Marilou said...

Thank you for sharing these lovely Thanksgiving images with us.

Don't forget to show some kindness today and some TLC!!

Sonya Badgley said...

Thank you for the Thanksgiving images. We appreciate you! Have a great Saturday!

Lin said...

I'm looking for Thanksgiving items, and you have such an abundance - thank you so much!

Susan said...

Very nice to put these out there. Really enjoy looking at them.
Thank you.

Cindy in Wisconsin said...

Thank you SO much, Cora, for all the great vintage Thanksgiving images! I really DO appreciate them!

Rene said...

I think most of these turkeys are cute. The second card with the "off to market" saying is a bit grim, though, LOL.