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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Image Bonus 175 - Sylvia grows up

Sylvia and Sherwin

Sylvia and her mom

Unknown Epstein - This looks like Syvia but the dates don't work.  So either it is an old picture sent to Aunt Annie at a later date or another Epstein.
Sylvia all grown up
I hope you have enjoyed these photos.  Next I will be posting the Cohen family.  Sylvia's mother Bess is Bess Cohen Epstein.  So we will see Sylvia's grandparents and relatives on her mother's side.


Ana Márquez said...

I love them, I like everything in them, but, specially I like their orange colour. I always add this colour to most of my old pics, it's great! :-) Thanks for sharing, friend.

Lululiz said...

Oh, Sylvia grew into a beautiful young woman. It really is quite something to follow her through her years of growing up.

Jean Franks Beck said...

These photos are exquisite! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Oliva Ohlson said...

Thank you Cora for sharing great vintage pictures and artwork!

Kathy Bradley said...

Wow, Sylvia grew up to be very pretty - but she was just a darling little girl - feel somewhat acquainted with them now. Thanks, Cora.