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Friday, September 30, 2011

Saturday Image Bonus 186

 Today's images are from a 1925 Booklet by Dennison Crepe Paper on How to Make Crepe Paper Costumes.  These are just so adorable.  Everytime I see the crepe paper at AC Moore I think I should try to make one of these beautiful costumes.


Anonymous said...

I just discovered your website. It's beautiful!! Thank you so much for sharing with us such beautiful images! It is greatly appreciated!
Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love the crepe paper costumes, thanks for sharing.
zara x

plaisanter said...

I love the Dennison’s catalogues and these scans are great, thank you very much!!

Nancy Wethington said...

Love these images. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

oh the first one (man in mask with the woman in blue flowers) is one of my all time favorite iamges!

What a great collection and just in time for halloween.


Lululiz said...

Can you imagine anybody in this day and age making such elaborate costumes out of crepe paper? They are gorgeous!

lynn said...

cora.. i really love your website.. thank you for sharing all you do.. i was wondering if you used stamps on the jewish cards you made.. i have friends who would love to get a card like that and am interested if i can purchase the stamps?
please let me know
thanks so much

Dream Catcher said...

WOW,this is a great blog I'm adding it to my favorite blogs